Hamilton Ulmer

CHANGELOG / Dec 20, 2021
feeling the same thing everyone feels about Tailwind

I decided to give Tailwind a spin on a data application I’m making. TLDR: I’m already regretting that I am so late to the game. I take a lot of pride in really know a lot about CSS. But I am surprised that Tailwind actually leverages my knowledge rather than replaces it.

The one place where I get tripped up; where to put my custom css. For instance, if I’m implementing a grid system that has some nuance. Because I’m using Svelte, I tend to just write these custom CSS rules into the component style, and eventually move it back into my main stylesheet if style reuse is needed outside of the component itself.

Tangentially, I’m also wondering if people change the way they think about CSS after prolonged exposure to Tailwind. CSS is incredibly powerful and nuanced. Not everything worth making can be expressed as a long series of classes.

Thanks for reading. Free free to reach out to me on Twitter w/ questions and disagreements.